Friday, 23 December 2011

Forgotten Friends

Just look at these cheeky chaps!  On a mission to the loft to look for fancy dishes, came across these snowmen decs, how could I have forgotten these, although come to think about, didn't have them out last year, didn't have much out last year as only just moved to Dorset.  They were all huddled together in a box, just screaming to get out, so out they've come.  They are, I think about 15 years old, they came from Colony Candle Factory in Lindal in Furness, Ulverston in Cumbria, which was a candle factory, the fragrance from that factory shop was like no other, I can still smell it now, which also sold alsorts of decorations through the year, these I think were Seasons of Cannon Falls, (dont know if there still going, but Colony sold out to them or an american candle factory and got all the cast of decorations) they  were ridiculously cheap something like 50p, but the detail is amazing!  covered in newspaper sat on a little tin, like a tart tin, with silver twig arms and...


woolly scarfs...

crocheted snowflakes and beads...

Snowman Seeds

After the first frost of a cold Autumn night
Sow these seeds in a spot just right.
With plenty of room that will allow to grow.
Jolly round men made out of snow.
These snowmen seeds are not easy to find,
 so plant them well and if you don't mind
share them with a friend because
they come with love from heaven above

...unkown author

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year

Friday, 16 December 2011

Faded Lights

Well there will be no pics of the tree with the old photos on, because the darling little lights in the vase have drained the life and soul out of their friends the batteries, twice! so went into town to get some real batteries, instead of the cheaper ones used, can't get away with that sort on these little things, on the way to town called in at the lovely busy post office, what a joy, no festive cheer here, one lady asked for air mail stickers for her cards, haven't got any came the reply, won't have any for 10 days, what is the point of it all....Christmas.  Anyway leaving the post office behind wandered into the chairty shop, always a cheer-up place and found these lovely objects and a piece of christmassy fabric which has been draped around the bottom of the Christmas tree, might make a skirt for next year, but looks ok for now.

Did a bit of decorating the tree with the fabric draped!

Indulged in a few new decs from Poundbury Garden Centre

to go along with these old ones from years gone by

Hubby indulged in a bit of a walk with the mad dog and came back with this, not arranged of course, but lots of greenery and holly

Decided to have a bit of a bake after the traumas of the post office, found this recipe in Grandmas book, an old newspaper clipping (The Manchester Evening News dated 1972) for pastry.

and made this mincemeat tart

enjoyed with some lovely brandy butter which was purchased from the lovely ladies from the Womens Institute...   yummy

but after all that forget to get the batteries, oh well its only Christmas...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Thank You....Making...and Grandma

Its been a whole week since I have been blogging and would like to thank everyone that has left comments and followed me,  its really been appreciated and encouraging!

Trying to get ready for Christmas and make a few things for the house, and found these quirky old photos at so just printed and attached to card and added tinsel ribbon, a bit of glitter and hey presto photo ornaments

                                                                     Love the dogs!

Which were hung onto this

with a vase that was my Grandmas, so probably over 70 years old added some lights, the cones came with the vase, so there getting on a bit too

After all this  making and putting in the window, will post pictures tomorrow of it in place,  eccentric daughter kindly reminded me that I hadnt done one of Aunt Jane, and she was the whole reason we stated this blog!  so had to then make some more and a cute little bird which will probably go on the tree.  Hope Aunt Jane appreciates all this attention she is receiving, I'am sure she would be very flattered.

found some old Christmas postcards to display

and this is Grandma whose vase it was, she actually had it given to her as a Christmas present, filled to the brim with glace fruits, which Grandma loved, from a lady who she had made an evening dress for, Grandma was a dressmaker and very good she was, making anything, wedding dresses, posh frocks, evening dresses, coats, she had clients who would go to Kendal Milne in Manchester a large department store, see a dress they liked and ask Grandma if she could make it for them.  So off Grandma would trundle on the bus to Manchester, look at the dress, come home and make it, all stored inside her head. 

So thank you Grandma for the vase!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Last night daughter and I decided to take a walk into Bridport town to the Christmas Festival, hubby was going to come but decided at the last minute that he better stay home with the dog, because all those legs and feet wouldn't be good for him, the dog not hubby, real reason being there was footy on the telly.  So first stop was the lovely United Reformed Church, with its festival of trees, a lovely Nativity greeted us in the porch, so nice to see, as not many about these days!

Lots of Christmas trees lined the wall of the church, all beautifully decorated by charities, and associations of various kinds, lovely Christmas music playing, it makes you feel that there is still hope after all.

Next into the Arts Centre where there was a craft fair, lots of lovely things but very busy.

Food stalls galore, where we could have had lots of lovely food, but didnt, we did have candy floss though and took some roasted chestuts home for hubby

Lovely windows

and back home to this, grumpy dog Mr 'T' because daddy thought it might be too much for me, if I'd gone I could have seen Santa!

Earlier in the day hubby had made some caveman like contraption for cutting logs

being a caveman with helper

Logs cut by the caveman and helper

Mr 'T' looking rather cute

then the logs turned into this rather cosy fire

bye for now

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tip Trip

Following yesterdays tip trip, found this just sat there waiting to be claimed, rushed to the tip man in his open air office 'dont know if it works luv', who cares if it works, it was bundled into the car and away we went beaming from ear to ear.

under the case was this little beauty and yes, it does work

might make some little lavendar bags with this pretty Liberty fabric

Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Finds

Wonderful vintage Christmas baubles from the Chairty Shop in Weymouth, no more than £1.50 the lot. 
Hope its a good start for I am a new blogger on the loose and with it being Christmas, although not allowed by hubby to put the tree up yet.  Soon will be though!   Now back to reality and a trip to the tip perhaps there might be Christmas deccys there going for a song.