Friday, 24 August 2012

Just A Note say that I will be at St Mary's Craft Fair, St Mary's Church Hall, Bridport, Dorset  tomorrow, Saturday 25th August 10 - 3


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Day Trip

Last Sunday I had a stall at Dorchester Vintage Market (which was a waste of time) anyway when I was there I met Bob, Bob used to be at the Alleyways in Bridport's Vintage Quarter and when we first came to Bridport we bought a lot of furniture from him, the dresser, table and chairs, chests, shelves and he bought our old table and chairs from us, so we got chatting and he said that he had just opened an Antiques Bazzar and they were having lots of events there, Vintage Fair, Antiques Fair, Flea Market and Homemade Fair and I should come along with Aunt Janes Attic, so Thursday saw us having a trip out to Crewkerne and this is what we found at Bobs Antique Bazzar ....

space for a coffee or tea

where we sampled this
all served in pretty vintage cups of course

Little brown dog came along, as he to loves sniffing around a bit of vintage, lots of good old smells at these sort of places that Mummy is always visiting, especially this cowhide rug, perfect for a little snooze

a sewing room, where you can have alterations done or do your own sewing if you like

overall view of the Bazzar

lots of furniture

pretty plates

pretty washing

lovely linen

plenty of this to wade through

and eccentric daughter absolutely loved this, it was attached to a large clip, goodness know where you could wear it!

So if your in the Crewkerne area take a look around the Antiques Bazzar, or you can look at them here and all the events their having:

From there we went into Crewkerne, because my Great Grandma x4 Elizabeth Lye was born there, married there and buried there.  So we went to have a look at the Church where it all happened...

trying  to imagine my Grandma and Grandad standing here and getting married, it is such a beauitiful church and so warm inside, unlike some churches

Unfortunatey I didn't find her grave, as they are too badly eroded, she died in 1849 in Bridport and was brought back to Crewkerne to the family tomb.

Her family also built this

Crewkerne Town Hall

There is also lots of lovely old houses, eccentric daughter and I were dilly dallying about the houses, with hubby trying to hurry us along, but wouldn't you just want to go and have a look in these houses, what went on in them and who lived there and what did they do, lots of interesting stories attached to them I'am sure.

Well think I better stop rambling now


Monday, 13 August 2012

A Map and a Curiosity Cupboard

This map is attached too ...

the little cupboard I picked up from the car boot and hubby painstakingly scraped all the brown gunge off, I think I said that I was going to use a map, then scrapbooking paper but having used that for some of Aunt Janes Christmas projects went back to using a map, which was a lucky find on Saturday at Bridport Market, just hoping that there was one of this area, there were some lovely old ones but none for here so had to settle for this one, so set off with the can of glue spray and scissors and had a fun half hour sticking it to the back of the cupboard.

 you can see that I have cut the map in half, as to get Bridport and the sea at eye level, but as the shelf comes roundabout this area didnt think it would matter to much.

now comes the fun bit of finding bits to put in it, decided to transfer the hands from the mantle to the cupboard after doing a post about them a few weeks ago, they had begun to spook me out a bit, realising when seeing them full on in a picture they did look a bit strange! the little tile shaped hands were from my lovely friend Jo from Grange-over-Sands in Cumbria, who had been to Potfest.

these flower frogs are great for displaying photos, have been looking for some for ages (because they had to be old and well used) and then these 2 turned up the same day as the cupboard, 50p for the 2, I have grown up with flower frogs my Mum and Dad had a greengrocers and flower shop with lots of land and greenhouses where all the flowers were grown, so Mum, Grandma and Auntie (who drove a huge Bedford van when delivering orders) used them for flower arrangements.

Aunt Jane of course, a shell which has been around for ever, a printers number 3, because we live at no 3 and a photo of hubby, the one on the right and his beloved dog Major.

Lucite paperweights, which have been picked up at carboots, markets and an old key found in the garden.

This corners a bit blurry for some reason, but there is a collection of old books and a Lucite paperweight found on Saturday with the map, a picture of Uncle Jack with the prize bull and a little picture which you cant see, but has a lovely little frame of gold, some relations of hubbys do not know in the faintest who they are, but hey ho, they are quite scary so perhaps its as well you can't see them.

and Percy who just happened to fly in

so the doors close on the Curiosity Cupboard complete with me in the glass, had wondered if I should have painted it instead of leaving if woody colour, but dare not now mention this to hubby as he did work hard on it getting all the gunge off.  I suppose things will be added to it and taken out, a bit like a travelling exhibition of curios.

All thats needed now is a key, it has a lock which hubby has been carrying about with him, trying to find a key thats fits, its like Alice in Wonderland.


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Blog Block

Days are slipping by and still havn't updated this blog, somehow I dont know what to say, I think I might have blog block and seems to be blocking commenting on all your lovely blogs to, so do apologise, I don't know whether it is because I am still trying to catch up and make cards which seem to be sapping every last ounce of energy out of me, everytime I think I've caught up, I sell loads more, I know which is good and I am not complaining but somehow it all becomes a bit tedious, don't get me wrong I love to sell my cards at the fairs and its lovely to meet new people and strange ones, but sometimes I just think when will it end, also I have started to make Christmas cards which is probably not good in August but quite a lot of fairs coming up in the Autumn months so thought I would be prepared for any event, and I do know, so a little bird told me that one of the ladies will have her cards (Christmas - trying not to use this word too much) out and for sale at the September fair I attend!   So having made a few C cards  decided I would have a change and cover some note books and embelish in Aunt Janes way, which have really enjoyed doing, as also find it mind sapping  thinking of new ideas and things to make, as I do like to have a different thing every month on my stall, so its constantly changing, will hold on the pictures too for now while trying to get Aunt Janes Christmas Collection into production!  So will see how Sunday goes, I am at Dorchester Vintage Market, should have gone last month but we had the floods, so gave it a miss.

Other news is that we still have a broody hen Olga bird, keep getting her off her nest at dinner time and shuting the door, she does a lot of clucking and her face is so sad but she would not eat or drink if we didn't.  The other hens are getting fed up with her as Tatti gives her a peck or two and a cluck when she gets of the nest, as if to say you stupid hen what are you doing all day (reminds me of Dad's Army)

This is the broody hen 'Olga bird' looking quite grumpy!

and this is Anna, she is the sweetest little hen you could ever wish for, shes quiet, never pecks, loves to be cuddled and picked up and just gets on with doing her henny things

The dog has itches, the vet says he dosn't know what it is, and just keeps giving him antihisteme injections, but have stop takng him and giving him tablets from Morrisons as its cheaper, there like hives, so he is on evening primrose tablets, celery tablets and some herby stuff you mix with food to clear him out from the pet shop, so the dog is rattling but improving slowly.  Here he is on his sick bed!

Thank you all for listening to my gripes, actually I feel much better having put it all down on paper - page and hope fully will be back soon with a more cheery gathering, when feeling a bit low and down I love to look at this picture of Aunt Lily she is the one right in the middle with no hat an wavy hair and her husband is on the extreme right in the flat cap, she is always happy in her photos and that ice cream looks marvelous.

Heres another one at the seaside

Dosn't he look the height of fashion in his white pants and no socks!

Bye until next time