Thursday, 20 December 2012


Finished - finished - finished all the craft  fairs yeah - well for this year anyway, what a hetic week the last lot was, which was very enjoyable, but now feel a bit lost now, not having anything to make anything, not allowed to do anything until after Christmas -  so been doing a bit of this:

Made this all by myself, was going to buy one, but couldn't find a nice one, all had those tacky plastic flowers  in, so took the bull by the horn and bought a moss covered wire and filled in with homegrown christmas tree, holly and ivy and cones which turned out rather well I think.

Christmas window ledge

eccentric daughter made this lovely card for her Mummy and Daddy

Christmas mantelpiece

christmassy cup and saucer charity shop find

pretty fairy lights

and tree

eccentric daughter's feet and dogs in her new Dr Martins pressie from her Auntie and Uncle

At the beginning of December we did Eype Makers Market, these pictures were taken as we were going in the morning

This is where it was held in a lovely church

love this window

Bridport is down there somewhere!

and as we were leaving, late afternoon

so that has been life these past few weeks

Wishing you all a lovely