Sunday, 26 February 2012

Friday's Finds

I should have posted these on Friday, as they were Friday's charity shops finds, but had some paving slabs delivered on Friday, so due to great excitement about not having to step onto a muddy lawn to hang washing out forgot to post them, but now hubby says he wont be paving just yet because he wants to change the steps, because now that I am getting a little older he wants the steps to be not so steep for me, me...what about him, at least he does think about me, so will have to wait a little longer for the nice paving, whoops getting sidetracked again.

Now the silly photos wont go the proper way round, I have tried and tried with these pics, but they wont do as their told, even eccentric daughter, who is a whizz on a pc couldn't make them play, so you'll have to be on a tilt to view them, think you can get the gist of them.  So...

lovely bits of lace and binding, in a lovely colour

lovely tiny, tiny bit of flowery lace

Hooray right way!

pretty teacup

silver plated, very large forks

pine spice rack thingy , now waiting to be painted and brought back to normality

all gathered from different shops, I sweep down one side of the street, scanning finds as I go, then do the other side of the street!

some pretty little daffs to finish it all off!

lip smackin good!

Bye till next time

Monday, 20 February 2012

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning saw us on a walk to West Bay, as the sun was shining and a little frost on the ground, even eccentric daughter decided it was time she had an airing!  We walked all the way by the river, under the bypass and into a different world, yet only a few minutes from town

Passing furry friends along the way, going about their business

These lovely horses all warm and toastie in their jackets

cute little Blackbird having his morning bath

mad mad dog running with the wind

nearing West Bay, the little path that goes through the caravan park

nearing the sea

West Bay

All the time we used to come on holiday to Dorset, I never really got on with West Bay, I couldn't really put my finger on it, there was just something, but over the months being here, this little place has really got under my skin and I love it now, the sea, the little huts selling food (although the coffee today wasn't upto much), the fishing boats, love it in the summer when theres lots of people and bustling, in the winter when its quiet and calm and lovely that were able to walk there.

Eccentric daughter took an 'architectural photo'
How many people have been through this old gate, the metal worn, perhaps my great, great, great grandad walked through it, who knows.

Plenty of these around

On the underpass someone has written words on the tiles, not rude ones, which is a surprise, quite meaningful ones really, didn't have a pen or might have been tempted to write something myself!

Think my daughter has a thing for gates, but I do love this house, over the months it has been lovingly brought back to life and now painted in a rather fetching green, the upstairs window has cushions against it, perhaps they have a window seat, would like just a little look...

Doggy very tired now and having a nap

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Underground, Buckles and Lace

Gosh another week vanished in a flash, where does it go, I've been writing this blog now since last November and it seems like its longer, and what makes it all worthwhile is all the lovely comments and blogs I read, so thank you all you bloggy ladies and men (musn't for them) for 'making it all worthwhile' and letting me into all your lovely and sometimes hetic lives.

Came across this delightful little book on a bookstall on Saturday, it cost one pound, wow, the stallholder remarked, thats priced very reasonable, I thought just give me the book and away I'll scuttle, the outside isn't in very good condition having lost its spine, (like so many things) but the cover is pretty...

There is no date of when it was publised and you can't really see from the pic that the writing on the cover is shiny silver.  It is about how to find a street and the underground railway station nearest to it   

A map of the underground inside the front cover

Index, with little cut out tabs... love these

On this page somebody has marked a cross, was some lovely gentleman going to meet his Valentine, running, not wanting to be late, hope he had a red rose, map book in hand

Was his sweethearts dress adorned with these buckles, buttons and lace
 (Monday's charity shop find)

Lets imagine they were!

This pesky dogs still here with his crocheted blanket

Hes such a luvvy really

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Civil War and Hello Jo

Firstly before I get chomping on about the Civil War, just wanted to say Hello to my dear friend Jo, who hopefully will be reading this on Friday at her friends Fran's.   Jo lives in Cumbria with her sweet sweet pug dog Peggy, like us bloggers, Jo likes vintage fairs and all related things and I think is helping a one in York soon.

Sweet little Peggy

Now on with that Civil War, just taken charge of this delightful little quilting book The Civil War  Sewing Circle by Kathleen Tracy which I bought from here.

It has gorgeous quilts to make, some big, some for dolls also sewing accessories, but for me although I love quilting, but havn't done any for so many years, is in the letters and pictures that were sent to the men away fighting, from their loved ones and the quilts that they made to send to them they must have been dark and long days. 

Here a some pictures from the book

Gosh this ones a bit stern!

This letter above is from Elizabeth Marshall to Kathleen Boone Samuels asking her for scraps of material from her Ma's dress and she has to have them by Saturday, don't you just love a girl who knows what they want, poor Ma did she have any dress left!

Having been drawn into this book, it made you feel you were there, I felt inspired to make something, but of course didn't have any fabric to do the quilts justice, you have to have the right fabric from the Civil War era don't you, so as having some felt bits and a box made this, which was to keep your needles and sewing things in...

which will remind me of all the hard work that went into these quilts.

This pics for Peggy from Mr 'T' (dreaming of you Peggy and wishing you were here.

and this is one pesky dog who won't go away!


Friday, 3 February 2012

Vernon Ward (Artist)

Here as promised is the market find of last Saturday, a Vernon Ward print, if you've not heard of him  heres a little insight into him and some of the prints I have, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of them.  I only get them from car boots, charity shops, jumble sales, I think the one on Saturday was the most expensive at two pounds!

Vernon Beauvoir Ward (1905-1985)

Vernon Ward was a 20th century English painter and commercial artist noted for his works of flowers, birds, harbour and seascapes(mostly Cornwall) and edwardian subjects, he lived most of his life in Hampstead, London, was the son of an art dealer and he trained at the Slade School of Art in London, his works have graced, jigsaws, greetings cards, placemats, chocolate boxes, tins anything really you can think of, you can find a Vernon Ward print on it.

I only started collecting them last year after reading an article in a magazine, I have only a few as seem to be hard to find and some amount to an awful lot of money, I'am not that serious about them, if I see one at a good price...  great if they don't know anything about the artist, I did see one in a charity shop in Seaton of St Ives harbour which was lovely but didn't warrant the 26 quid price tag.

Here are the others, they all hang in different places in the house, as I have themed walls, all flower pictures together, boats together and so on, but more about that in the next post.

Pictures are so hard to photograph!

Bye for now

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Thank You

This was awarded to me by the lovely Carol at Smile at the Flowers

Thank you Carol

The Versatile blogger award rules are: that you should pass it on to 15 recently discovered blogs and let the bloggers know that they have been nominated.
Then, you have to share 7 things about yourself.
Finally, you have to thank the award giver and link back to them.

Gosh seven things about myself, what do I know about myself.

1.  I was along time ago a Bay City Rollers fan
2.  A long time supporter of a Manchester football club
3. Love, love looking at peoples houses
4. I can easily touch my toes
5. Especially good a making a mean curry
6. It used to be travelling on holiday to Dorset, but now I live here
7. Obession with any garden centre
Well that was quite hard, didn't know I knew so many things!
Who to pass it onto is hard, because this award has been doing the rounds and fifteen is rather a lot, but all the blogs I follow are lovely with lots of lovely things to read about, so you all deserve an award, but I can only cope with 5 so they are
All this has brought on the need for a little afternoon tea!