Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Civil War and Hello Jo

Firstly before I get chomping on about the Civil War, just wanted to say Hello to my dear friend Jo, who hopefully will be reading this on Friday at her friends Fran's.   Jo lives in Cumbria with her sweet sweet pug dog Peggy, like us bloggers, Jo likes vintage fairs and all related things and I think is helping a one in York soon.

Sweet little Peggy

Now on with that Civil War, just taken charge of this delightful little quilting book The Civil War  Sewing Circle by Kathleen Tracy which I bought from here.

It has gorgeous quilts to make, some big, some for dolls also sewing accessories, but for me although I love quilting, but havn't done any for so many years, is in the letters and pictures that were sent to the men away fighting, from their loved ones and the quilts that they made to send to them they must have been dark and long days. 

Here a some pictures from the book

Gosh this ones a bit stern!

This letter above is from Elizabeth Marshall to Kathleen Boone Samuels asking her for scraps of material from her Ma's dress and she has to have them by Saturday, don't you just love a girl who knows what they want, poor Ma did she have any dress left!

Having been drawn into this book, it made you feel you were there, I felt inspired to make something, but of course didn't have any fabric to do the quilts justice, you have to have the right fabric from the Civil War era don't you, so as having some felt bits and a box made this, which was to keep your needles and sewing things in...

which will remind me of all the hard work that went into these quilts.

This pics for Peggy from Mr 'T' (dreaming of you Peggy and wishing you were here.

and this is one pesky dog who won't go away!



  1. Oh that book looks wonderful, it's something I would enjoy I'm sure.
    Loving the dog pics!

  2. What a great book, interesting to read and beautiful quilts to lust over. Excellent idea to make the lovely little box.
    Oh - a vintage fair in York. Do you know if that will be in the city itself?
    Carol xx

  3. That book looks like a great find - little bit tempted! x

  4. Lovely pics in that book. Love your little box too! M x

  5. I like the look of the book, looks very interesting...and pesky dog awww bless I have the same toruble with cats!

  6. Great book! And I love your creation :) got to laugh at your doggy, bless! xx