Wednesday, 14 May 2014

 Craft Market Dates

24th May - Bridport Town Hall

31st May - Auntie Ann's Craft Fair, Bridport Arts Centre

1st June - Vintage Brocante, Hillside Farm, Harcombe, lyme Regis, DT7 3RN

14th June - St. Marys Church House, Bridport

15th June - Beer Craft Fair, Mariners Hall Beer

21st June -  Bridport Town Hall

28th June - Auntie Ann's Craft Fair, Bridport Arts Centre

29th June - Beer Craft Fair, Mariners Hall Beer

27th July - Symondsbury Estate Summer Fayre,  Manor Yard, Symondsbury, DT6 6GH

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Finally got around to updating the blog, time has passed far too quickly and me being far too busy to do it, which is good as enjoying all the new fairs and markets, which have been really good and in delightful places, especially the one at Symondsbury Estate, gorgeous place and looking forward to returning in July for the summer fair which is vintage themed.  Below a few pictures of whats been going on.

Charmouth beach, lovely photo found in an album  at a car boot, what a find being local to us.

Spring Craft Fair at The Donkey Sancturary, Sidmouth, lovely day and cuddles with the donkeys.

our table at St Marys Craft fair.

new cute bambi pendants

lots of cards

 new souvenir hearts filled with English Lavender

new ceramic bird brooches
 spring colours, new hair clips

new brooches made from vintage fabrics, upcycled jewellery and charms

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Taking a Break

Folksy Shop Now Open

Upcoming Craft Fairs


3rd Salt House Craft Fair, The Salt House, West Bay.

10th Craft & Gift Fair, St Marys Church House, Bridport.

17th Auntie Ann's Craft Fair, Bridport Arts Centre

31st Bridport Craft Fair, Bridport Town Hall


1st Salt House Craft Fair, The Salt House, West Bay.

14th Craft & Gift Fair, St Marys Church House, Bridport.

21st Auntie Ann's Craft Fair, Bridport Arts Centre.

22nd Salt House Craft Fair, The Salt House, West Bay.

28th Bridport Craft Fair, Bridport Town Hall.


12th Craft & Gift Fair, St Marys Church House, Bridport.

19th Bridport Craft Fair, Bridport Town Hall.

26th Auntie Ann's Craft Fair, Bridport Arts Centre.

Bridport Arts Centre
Aunt Janes Attic table

wall hangings made from vintage fabric, old photos and wool felt finished with wire hangers

wall hanging made from a time worn quilt old photo, lace, embroidery and  an old necklace for the hanger
hair pins made by eccentric daughter under the name of 'Lilys Purse'

So with all this  have decided to give blogland a little break for the time being as lots of other things taking time up, just seem to be making more and more things, which is great.  So will probably see you all around Christmas time, but will be having a little sneaky look at all your blogs.

Bye until then

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Time Passes

Well I didn't want this to happen, not updating my blog for so long, time passes so fast, been busy, busy, busy, craft fairs, been very busy at normal work and now the proud owner of a market stall so not much time for anything else.

The market stall is on a Wednesday and occasional Saturdays when not attending craft fairs, I did a Saturday 2 weeks ago, which was very successful and fun, though an early start!  My Uncle used to have a market stall in Stockport he sold fruit and veg as he had a shop in Poynton, which eventually my Mum and Dad took over when he moved to Taunton.

Uncle Harold, not on his market stall but on the land he owned behind the shop, with Margaret, his daughter and grandson Steven and Dolly the horse.

our market stall in Bridport

lovely when the weather is fine, time I think to invest in a gazebo!

Found some new treasures, two pictures were bought at the same time, the group of army men and the family and dog walking, then last week came across the mother and girl and dog, from the same shop but weeks apart, how strange, as having studied them closely, all belong to the same family, what happened to them, they all look very happy, even the dog.

more soul searching photos and lovely cotton hankies

lovely little snapshot books

with photos of a lovely family, great shots of the little girls cuddling their pets and watering the garden.

new lavender bags, cards and hair clips

on a sadder note we lost one of our hens to Mr Foxy, on Tuesday afternoon, Miss lemon, but we have gained another hen from our neighbour as one of his had passed on and the little brown one was on her own, so now she has come to live with us and she is called Agatha, we have named her Agatha as she didn't have a name, poor thing.  But somebody is laying supersized eggs, must be the shock of Mr Foxy!

So hopefully will not be as long in updating, she says that, but I know it will, but you can always have a look at Aunts Janes Attic on facebook to keep upto date.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Crafty Tales

Just a little insight to what Aunt Jane's Attic will be doing in the next few months, we will be at all these craft fair venues selling handmade cards, lavender bags made from Liberty fabric, Harris Tweed and gorgeous velvet, journals featuring vintage images and lace, bookmarks using beads and pearls and Harris Tweed and wool felt, some finished with vintage crocheted flowers, also some love lavender hearts reusing embroidered tray cloths and charms and beads, also new this year wall hangings, one with two little girls has a family tie.

This is our newest fair at Bridport Arts Centre called Aunty Ann's Craft Fair, looks like its going to be a good one, was very well attended last Saturday, we had a great time and met lots of lovely new people and old friends.

new style cards

map cards of Bridport


bookmarks with Harris Tweed

and wool felt and vintage crocheted lace

new lavender hearts reusing embroidered tray cloths

lavender bags

new line - wall hangings

this hanging I have used a picture of my Auntie when she was a little girl gathering flowers from her fathers nursery, which was in Cheshire (eventually ending up with my Mum and Dad running it for a few years, before it was sold for building) Margaret, my Auntie grew up there and when she got married moved to Taunton, Somerset, thats why I have so many happy memories of this area.  I incorporated the picture, printing it onto material first, into the tray cloth, cutting out the little arch area to fit Margaret and her friend Nora in.

Craft Fairs:


23rd - Bridport Town Hall


9th - St. Marys Church House, Bridport

23rd - Bridport Arts Centre

30th - Bridport Town Hall


13th - St. Marys Church House, Bridport

20th - Bridport Arts Centre

27th - Bridport Town Hall


11th - St. Marys Church House, Bridport

18th - Bridport Town Hall

25th - Bridport Arts Centre

Monday, 28 January 2013

Random Musings

Well I know its a bit late but Happy New Year to you all, my how time passes by so quickly.  Not really been up too much lately, started making for the craft fairs of 2013, have a new one to do still in Bridport at the Arts Centre which will be on 16th February, called Aunty Ann's Craft Fair which I am really looking forward to doing it should be very exciting!  So now have 3 craft fairs a month, I think it will be a case of just getting off at the next stop!  But really looking forward to all of them, been making new cards and still carrying on with the lavender bags, but as well as the Liberty fabric will be using some lovely velvet, well actually a lot of velvet which was picked up on ebay, in loads of different colours, and some gorgeous Harris Tweed.

So have a few random pictures to share, eccentric daughter had a birthday in January, so she wanted a trip to Portland, she loves that place and loves to take photos, so thats what we did, we met a charming man who was working down here and he was into photography, we got chatting and he let her have a go with some very serious camera equipment!  On the way to Portland we visited Grandad one eye, who sadly is not with us any more and lies in a grave in Westham Cemetery in Weymouth died in 1878, the headstone is still there although leans a bit more than it did.  We call him Grandad one eye because we found out that he was in Dorchester Prison for stealing some leather, he worked in that line, and the prison records state that he had only one eye, had two fingers cut of, don't know if I would have like to have met him in a dark alley, anyway we didn't have a spare glass eye, but we did take him some leather buttons and put them on his grave!

leather  buttons, they look like toadstools

Portland Lighthouse

messy work space

gorgeous Harris Tweed

made this wall hanging for eccentric daughter to go with her book 'The Russian Royal Family'

our lovely new friend Blue who lives next door

another new friend and visitor to the garden, we've been taking extra special care of this one just in case he struggles to find food, with being that little bit different.

daughter having a change round in her room (and tidy up!) a friend bought me this rabbit, but seems to be living here now.

Miss Lemon, all girly twirls enjoying life and getting 5 lovely eggs a day

Charmouth Beach

and finally sleeping dog, where he shouldn't be!

Hope its not too long before I'am back here again writing to you all