Thursday, 23 May 2013

Time Passes

Well I didn't want this to happen, not updating my blog for so long, time passes so fast, been busy, busy, busy, craft fairs, been very busy at normal work and now the proud owner of a market stall so not much time for anything else.

The market stall is on a Wednesday and occasional Saturdays when not attending craft fairs, I did a Saturday 2 weeks ago, which was very successful and fun, though an early start!  My Uncle used to have a market stall in Stockport he sold fruit and veg as he had a shop in Poynton, which eventually my Mum and Dad took over when he moved to Taunton.

Uncle Harold, not on his market stall but on the land he owned behind the shop, with Margaret, his daughter and grandson Steven and Dolly the horse.

our market stall in Bridport

lovely when the weather is fine, time I think to invest in a gazebo!

Found some new treasures, two pictures were bought at the same time, the group of army men and the family and dog walking, then last week came across the mother and girl and dog, from the same shop but weeks apart, how strange, as having studied them closely, all belong to the same family, what happened to them, they all look very happy, even the dog.

more soul searching photos and lovely cotton hankies

lovely little snapshot books

with photos of a lovely family, great shots of the little girls cuddling their pets and watering the garden.

new lavender bags, cards and hair clips

on a sadder note we lost one of our hens to Mr Foxy, on Tuesday afternoon, Miss lemon, but we have gained another hen from our neighbour as one of his had passed on and the little brown one was on her own, so now she has come to live with us and she is called Agatha, we have named her Agatha as she didn't have a name, poor thing.  But somebody is laying supersized eggs, must be the shock of Mr Foxy!

So hopefully will not be as long in updating, she says that, but I know it will, but you can always have a look at Aunts Janes Attic on facebook to keep upto date.


  1. Thank you so much for following my blog. Hope you enjoy my posts.....xx

  2. Have missed you Julie, welcome back!

    Lovely post, as always, sorry about your little chuck, glad you've got another one though.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Claire xx

    1. Thanks Claire - just getting everything ready for Auntie Anns Craft Fair tomorrow in Bridport Arts Centre, supposed to be a lovely day here tomorrow. Julie x

  3. Hi Julie,
    It's lovely to hear from you again. How exciting that you now have a market stall. You cards, lavender bags and hair clips look lovely. we haven't been over to Bridport for ages hopefully we will see you sometime soon. Sorry to hear about Miss Lemon.
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah, the market stall was good fun, were doing it again next Wednesday and Saturday. Yes Miss Lemon was a favourite, she was cream with light brown feathers, weve had them over a year now and never had any trouble at all with foxes, must be a new kid on the block! Julie x

  4. Just sent one of your lovely Bridport cards to a friend and thought I'd look up your Blog!
    You sell super things and reasonably priced, Many thanks K

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