Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thrifts, Fairs and a Broody Hen

My word another two weeks flown by, with all those floods here non-existant now and back to lovely sunshine with clear blue skies.  Seems ages ago since there has been any warmth.  Our lovely girly hens are now in the full swing of laying, and goodness what a lot of eggs we've had, even so that our neighbours across the road have a regular order of a dozen every week, although Olga, the Silver Sussex has gone broody and only leaves her nest box for food and water, so now have been letting her stay in the nest box till mid morning and then shutting the door until she goes to bed.  She seems happy enough when shes out and about she eats and drinks and scratches about,  hubby made an extension to the run, they now have a lower half of the garden, I think really he wanted it clearing of weeds etc and coud'nt be bothered to do it himself, but they are doing a good job and love scratching for worms and creeepies!

Have had two good finds at the car boot at West Bay on Sunday morning, first there was this cupboard,  the chap who was selling told us 'that it had been in an old house in London' it had some sort of brown treacle like stain on it, very sticky.....but only 5 quid...

so with lots of elbow grease and a scrapy instrument, that only joiners who have been around a long time have, hubby set too and cleaned it up, there was a lot of goo and I of course got the lovely job of cleaning it all up, well that what apprentices and gofors are for isnt it, and of yes brewer upers, must admit it didnt take him long to do it, so now it looks like this

We painted the inside to make it look a bit brighter, its a grey colour, but now its bland and boring, so was going to put a map on the back, but then thought you wouldn't be able to see it, then had the idea, while I was looking for some scrapbooking paper, I could use scrapbooking paper and puts lots of different ones together and make it rather daring.  But of course needed new as none I had was suitable, so it arrived this morning, but of course being that excited about it arriving only ordering it yesterday, forgot to take pictures, so will have to wait until its slapped on the back of the cupboard, but has an appropriate name of MisMatch perfect for a thrifty cupboard.

Also found this Lloyd Loom lookalike for 4 quid and is going to go in daughters bedroom, been looking for ages for one, this hasn't been doctored yet, knowing her it will stay like this, it does have the original top underneath the gingham, which is purple and gold metallic flowers.

Also been making more cards and lavender hearts for the next craft fair at the Town Hall here in Bridport, this Saturday, 21st July, also been trying to stock up on cards as another fair next Saturday 28th at St Marys Church Hall, Bridport....

lavender hearts (sorry about the lighting)

retro style cards

 and dare I say it been trying to get a start on Christmas cards (shh) for the fairs as as well as the Town Hall and St Marys, there is one at Dorchester and Weymouth, so don't want to be rushing getting them done!

So that has been my two weeks in pictures and a little bit of work as well, of course have to find time to fit that in.

Mr 'T' posing at West Bay

Bye til next time

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Two Rivers meet

So glad our visitors from Cumbria had good weather (and they have blazing sunshine today!) when they came to visit us a couple of weeks ago, because my goodness these were the scenes today in Bridport, it was absolutely lovely.....

one end of our road

our lovely walk through the fields

no sandal wearing today

this is actually the path through the fields

one side garden, dry land in the middle, other side pavement

A35 road to Dorchester

River Asker, so different today than its usual genteel flow

would anyone like to play football (more like water polo)
the playing fields

backed-up traffic on the road to nowhere

but amongst all this water there is hope and this picture gives it

where is the river, where is the path

Bridports vintage quarter

some having fun

the other end of our road
no going anywhere for us then

on my way last

so a rainy, flash floody Saturday in Bridport, but thats what you get I suppose when you live between two rivers that meet the sea... WHOOSH

and its still raining

next time I blog I hope that we will be in blazing sunshine, I doubt it though