Saturday, 7 July 2012

Two Rivers meet

So glad our visitors from Cumbria had good weather (and they have blazing sunshine today!) when they came to visit us a couple of weeks ago, because my goodness these were the scenes today in Bridport, it was absolutely lovely.....

one end of our road

our lovely walk through the fields

no sandal wearing today

this is actually the path through the fields

one side garden, dry land in the middle, other side pavement

A35 road to Dorchester

River Asker, so different today than its usual genteel flow

would anyone like to play football (more like water polo)
the playing fields

backed-up traffic on the road to nowhere

but amongst all this water there is hope and this picture gives it

where is the river, where is the path

Bridports vintage quarter

some having fun

the other end of our road
no going anywhere for us then

on my way last

so a rainy, flash floody Saturday in Bridport, but thats what you get I suppose when you live between two rivers that meet the sea... WHOOSH

and its still raining

next time I blog I hope that we will be in blazing sunshine, I doubt it though



  1. Crikey Julie! I thought it was wet here in Dorchester. Hope you and yours are safe and dry.

    1. Yes we are all safe and dry, but its still raining

  2. Looks as if you have borne the brunt of it all! We have had our fair share up here though in Yorkshire, I wish it would all go away now!

    1. I think everyone has had a bit of this havnt they, perhaps soon it will all go away.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of rain. I feel so sorry for the people who's homes have been flooded, it must be heartbreaking xxx

    1. It must me awful having your home flooded, I think well be safe where we live as a bit higher than centre of town.

  4. That looks awful, we heard if was bad over your way, although there has been flooding in trees down in Weymouth too. We live up a hill but the River Jordon at the bottom of the road is flooded and flowing fast. I'll have to check on the willow tree I am following if it ever stops!
    Glad you got home in one piece.
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah, I hope willow is ok and still there, I think it took 2 hours to get to Dorchester at one stage today.

  5. Hope your house doesn't get flooded. I have been listening to the news about your area and it sounds serious stuff. xxx

    1. Hi Lily our house will be safe as were a little bit higher than town, but its still raining.

  6. Replies
    1. When will it ever stop, although tomorrow could be lovely, lets hope.

  7. We've had our fair share in Sheffield but nothing too serious. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon , whatever that is!
    take care x

  8. blimey! Nothing like that here, although driving up hill out of Wells yesterday, there was a river flowing down the road to meet me.
    Hope you and your home stay safe.

  9. Its rained here but nothing like that!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Oh dear! Was bad where I live last week, but all over in hours and no houses flooded ... Hope it subsides soon and the sun comes out! Claire xxx

  11. Aww Julie, my hearts goes out to you!
    we have had dreadful rain, but thankfully being Coastal, not alot of flooding...
    what a dreadful summer up to now!
    Thank you for poppping over to mine too, your comments are always of the loveliest...
    From another Cumbrian girl!
    Maria x

  12. It was amazing wasn't it. I worked Friday night and it just rained continuously all night. But sat here with warm sun blazing through my window. Crazy isn't it. (I have to say I went to Bartletts and brought myself a pair of water proof trousers, but £8 I have ever spent!!)

  13. Oh my, thank goodness you weren't washed away! It has been terrible hasn't it. Actually had a bit of sunshine today, a rare treat. x

  14. Blimey, thank goodness for wellies!
    Hope you see an improvement soon. X

  15. Hope the sun has finally arrived or at least it has stopped raining where you are. today was mostly fine but then it spoilt itself and the rain came down again ....... In stair-rods.
    Carol xx