Monday, 28 January 2013

Random Musings

Well I know its a bit late but Happy New Year to you all, my how time passes by so quickly.  Not really been up too much lately, started making for the craft fairs of 2013, have a new one to do still in Bridport at the Arts Centre which will be on 16th February, called Aunty Ann's Craft Fair which I am really looking forward to doing it should be very exciting!  So now have 3 craft fairs a month, I think it will be a case of just getting off at the next stop!  But really looking forward to all of them, been making new cards and still carrying on with the lavender bags, but as well as the Liberty fabric will be using some lovely velvet, well actually a lot of velvet which was picked up on ebay, in loads of different colours, and some gorgeous Harris Tweed.

So have a few random pictures to share, eccentric daughter had a birthday in January, so she wanted a trip to Portland, she loves that place and loves to take photos, so thats what we did, we met a charming man who was working down here and he was into photography, we got chatting and he let her have a go with some very serious camera equipment!  On the way to Portland we visited Grandad one eye, who sadly is not with us any more and lies in a grave in Westham Cemetery in Weymouth died in 1878, the headstone is still there although leans a bit more than it did.  We call him Grandad one eye because we found out that he was in Dorchester Prison for stealing some leather, he worked in that line, and the prison records state that he had only one eye, had two fingers cut of, don't know if I would have like to have met him in a dark alley, anyway we didn't have a spare glass eye, but we did take him some leather buttons and put them on his grave!

leather  buttons, they look like toadstools

Portland Lighthouse

messy work space

gorgeous Harris Tweed

made this wall hanging for eccentric daughter to go with her book 'The Russian Royal Family'

our lovely new friend Blue who lives next door

another new friend and visitor to the garden, we've been taking extra special care of this one just in case he struggles to find food, with being that little bit different.

daughter having a change round in her room (and tidy up!) a friend bought me this rabbit, but seems to be living here now.

Miss Lemon, all girly twirls enjoying life and getting 5 lovely eggs a day

Charmouth Beach

and finally sleeping dog, where he shouldn't be!

Hope its not too long before I'am back here again writing to you all



  1. Happy New Year to you too!
    Great photos, cute chicks and I love the wall hanging you made for your daughter.
    Yes, that is indeed gorgeous tweedy material, I'm sure the lavender bags will be very popular.
    Carol xx

  2. Happy New Year! Love the sweet little rabbit light and the photos of Charmouth.

  3. Lovely to see pictures of our local scenery the light on Charmouth beach looked fantastic. Hope to catch up with you sometime at one of your craft fairs.My daughter was delighted with her recipe book at Christmas.
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, glad your daughter liked her recipe book, I'll put the dates of the fairs on the blog, the first one is 16th Feb at the Arts Centre. Juliex

  4. As a 'Jane' I had to pop over and have a little nose around your blog. What a beautiful place you live - I haven't visited the Jurassic Coast yet but it's on my ever growing 'to do' list. I looove the rabbit light - that must make you smile each time you walk in the room x