Monday, 20 February 2012

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning saw us on a walk to West Bay, as the sun was shining and a little frost on the ground, even eccentric daughter decided it was time she had an airing!  We walked all the way by the river, under the bypass and into a different world, yet only a few minutes from town

Passing furry friends along the way, going about their business

These lovely horses all warm and toastie in their jackets

cute little Blackbird having his morning bath

mad mad dog running with the wind

nearing West Bay, the little path that goes through the caravan park

nearing the sea

West Bay

All the time we used to come on holiday to Dorset, I never really got on with West Bay, I couldn't really put my finger on it, there was just something, but over the months being here, this little place has really got under my skin and I love it now, the sea, the little huts selling food (although the coffee today wasn't upto much), the fishing boats, love it in the summer when theres lots of people and bustling, in the winter when its quiet and calm and lovely that were able to walk there.

Eccentric daughter took an 'architectural photo'
How many people have been through this old gate, the metal worn, perhaps my great, great, great grandad walked through it, who knows.

Plenty of these around

On the underpass someone has written words on the tiles, not rude ones, which is a surprise, quite meaningful ones really, didn't have a pen or might have been tempted to write something myself!

Think my daughter has a thing for gates, but I do love this house, over the months it has been lovingly brought back to life and now painted in a rather fetching green, the upstairs window has cushions against it, perhaps they have a window seat, would like just a little look...

Doggy very tired now and having a nap


  1. Lovely! I enjoyed my walk with you to West Bay. We camped there with my parents years ago and I was allowed to take a school friend. There was a small fairground and we had a huge crush on a scruffy lad working one of the rides. Steve Harley was in the charts, so that showed how ancient I am LOL

  2. Gorgeous views, what a fab idea to write notes and how lovely they were nice!

  3. Thanks for dropping by and looking at my the pic's of your walk. We went on a walk on Saturday drop by later for a look. :) Lisa xx

  4. What a lovely walk--full of beauty and character and soul.

  5. How nice it is to discover your blog, I only find time to go through it now! I have been to Dorset only last year. It must be heaven to live close to the sea and being able to reach it just by a little walk. Last Friday on the flea market, I saw a picture and it really looked so much like the portrait on your blog :-). Must be exciting to have an eccentric daughter - I too love gateposts and gates itself.

  6. We love West Bay in the winter. Often park up at Seatown and walk across the top of the cliffs into WB.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog but still can't reply direct to you ... don't know why. If you don't mind let me have you email and then I will be able to reply to you. Have a lovely week. M x

  7. We always go camping over that way - it's such a beautiful area. Love the tired paws! x

  8. I've never been to that part of the Country and your pictures have planted the idea in my head now. Thank you for sharing.

  9. looks like a beautiful place, and kind writing that is so lovely
    i love the doggy nap photo!
    love jooles x

  10. Mot sure how i found myself here (bloghopping!) But as a fellow dorset blogger I had to say hello! (Oh and i quite like west bay!!)

    Leanne x

  11. Hello there! So nice to meet you. What beautiful pictures of the countryside.

  12. Hi, I enjoyed seing the beautiful photos of the countryside.

  13. Great pictures, the ones which made me smile are the cute bathing blackbird and the dog paws!