Thursday, 9 August 2012

Blog Block

Days are slipping by and still havn't updated this blog, somehow I dont know what to say, I think I might have blog block and seems to be blocking commenting on all your lovely blogs to, so do apologise, I don't know whether it is because I am still trying to catch up and make cards which seem to be sapping every last ounce of energy out of me, everytime I think I've caught up, I sell loads more, I know which is good and I am not complaining but somehow it all becomes a bit tedious, don't get me wrong I love to sell my cards at the fairs and its lovely to meet new people and strange ones, but sometimes I just think when will it end, also I have started to make Christmas cards which is probably not good in August but quite a lot of fairs coming up in the Autumn months so thought I would be prepared for any event, and I do know, so a little bird told me that one of the ladies will have her cards (Christmas - trying not to use this word too much) out and for sale at the September fair I attend!   So having made a few C cards  decided I would have a change and cover some note books and embelish in Aunt Janes way, which have really enjoyed doing, as also find it mind sapping  thinking of new ideas and things to make, as I do like to have a different thing every month on my stall, so its constantly changing, will hold on the pictures too for now while trying to get Aunt Janes Christmas Collection into production!  So will see how Sunday goes, I am at Dorchester Vintage Market, should have gone last month but we had the floods, so gave it a miss.

Other news is that we still have a broody hen Olga bird, keep getting her off her nest at dinner time and shuting the door, she does a lot of clucking and her face is so sad but she would not eat or drink if we didn't.  The other hens are getting fed up with her as Tatti gives her a peck or two and a cluck when she gets of the nest, as if to say you stupid hen what are you doing all day (reminds me of Dad's Army)

This is the broody hen 'Olga bird' looking quite grumpy!

and this is Anna, she is the sweetest little hen you could ever wish for, shes quiet, never pecks, loves to be cuddled and picked up and just gets on with doing her henny things

The dog has itches, the vet says he dosn't know what it is, and just keeps giving him antihisteme injections, but have stop takng him and giving him tablets from Morrisons as its cheaper, there like hives, so he is on evening primrose tablets, celery tablets and some herby stuff you mix with food to clear him out from the pet shop, so the dog is rattling but improving slowly.  Here he is on his sick bed!

Thank you all for listening to my gripes, actually I feel much better having put it all down on paper - page and hope fully will be back soon with a more cheery gathering, when feeling a bit low and down I love to look at this picture of Aunt Lily she is the one right in the middle with no hat an wavy hair and her husband is on the extreme right in the flat cap, she is always happy in her photos and that ice cream looks marvelous.

Heres another one at the seaside

Dosn't he look the height of fashion in his white pants and no socks!

Bye until next time


  1. Loving the photo of your dog!!
    Cant believe you are making christmas cards already, I Darent even think about christmas yet, we havent had our summer hols!

  2. I know what you mean about blog block. I think what with this lovely weather, the holiday season and the Olympics people don't seem to be posting as much. I for one am glued to the Olympics and have let things slip for a while but we shouldn't worry and I'm sure writing will come naturally sooner or later.
    Patricia x

  3. Hi Julie, sometimes we all lose our blogging mojo, but am sure you'll get it back soon. Anyway this post was lovely, and entertaining, it's just nice to hear from you again. Hope you do well at all your fairs (ours seem t have dried up round here, hopefully one in september) but please don't mention the 'C' word! It's horrible when one of your chucks get broody, but she'll stop being miserable soon ... And hope your little dog's better soon xx

  4. I so know where you are coming from, I'm trying to be good and have done 2 posts on the last 2 days. Just do whatever, whenever and don't worry as we will still be around when the blog bug hits again! x

  5. I know exactly how you feel, we make things people like, they buy we have to make more! I came to the conclusion, people have bought once they don't want to buy same they want different! So we make different! Trouble is there isn't time for anything else. Just blog when you can
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  6. I love posts like this, bits of this and that. sometimes that's how life is, no particularly exciting events to write about, just odds and ends.

    Funny enough one of my dogs started itching around the time we had a plague of mozzies here in Somerset. I wondered if she was getting bitten by them. My friends dog has harvest mites picked up in the long grass. You really feel for them when they are itchy don't you.

  7. Hi Julie,
    Sorry you have blog block at themoment, your postings are always so interesting. I love those old photographs of your Aunty Lily they are so wonderful. I love studying one photographs.
    Hope your dog is getting better everyday.
    Sarah x

  8. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on mine. I would love to be able to keep some hens! Hope your dog is better soon.