Saturday, 18 August 2012

Day Trip

Last Sunday I had a stall at Dorchester Vintage Market (which was a waste of time) anyway when I was there I met Bob, Bob used to be at the Alleyways in Bridport's Vintage Quarter and when we first came to Bridport we bought a lot of furniture from him, the dresser, table and chairs, chests, shelves and he bought our old table and chairs from us, so we got chatting and he said that he had just opened an Antiques Bazzar and they were having lots of events there, Vintage Fair, Antiques Fair, Flea Market and Homemade Fair and I should come along with Aunt Janes Attic, so Thursday saw us having a trip out to Crewkerne and this is what we found at Bobs Antique Bazzar ....

space for a coffee or tea

where we sampled this
all served in pretty vintage cups of course

Little brown dog came along, as he to loves sniffing around a bit of vintage, lots of good old smells at these sort of places that Mummy is always visiting, especially this cowhide rug, perfect for a little snooze

a sewing room, where you can have alterations done or do your own sewing if you like

overall view of the Bazzar

lots of furniture

pretty plates

pretty washing

lovely linen

plenty of this to wade through

and eccentric daughter absolutely loved this, it was attached to a large clip, goodness know where you could wear it!

So if your in the Crewkerne area take a look around the Antiques Bazzar, or you can look at them here and all the events their having:

From there we went into Crewkerne, because my Great Grandma x4 Elizabeth Lye was born there, married there and buried there.  So we went to have a look at the Church where it all happened...

trying  to imagine my Grandma and Grandad standing here and getting married, it is such a beauitiful church and so warm inside, unlike some churches

Unfortunatey I didn't find her grave, as they are too badly eroded, she died in 1849 in Bridport and was brought back to Crewkerne to the family tomb.

Her family also built this

Crewkerne Town Hall

There is also lots of lovely old houses, eccentric daughter and I were dilly dallying about the houses, with hubby trying to hurry us along, but wouldn't you just want to go and have a look in these houses, what went on in them and who lived there and what did they do, lots of interesting stories attached to them I'am sure.

Well think I better stop rambling now



  1. Been meaning to go to Crewkerne for a while so will make the effort to see Bobs bazaar-it looks fab!

    1. Yes its great and the coffee was good too! Julie

  2. Sorry the fair wasn't a success for you, some compensation being able to browse that great antiques centre.
    Beautiful church. Carol xx

    1. Every fair cant be good can it, but you have to try them all. Julie

  3. The bazaar's fabulous Julie ... And what a lot of lovely family history at Crewkerne! Hope you're enjoying your weekend xxx

    1. Hi Claire - trying to walk in ancestors footsteps - Julie

  4. Oooh interesting to hear about the Vintage Market. I've meant to pop along each time but always forgotten. I'd heard not a patch on the old Bridport one.
    In terms of fairs I never know what to opt for and have actually only done the one where I met you this year. What's the Handmade in Bridport one like that was on today?
    Bob's looks my kind of place so will definitely have to pay it a visit.

    1. Hi Ellie - the Crewkerne one is not like the old Bridport one as you could get a lot of bargains there, but is better than the Bridport one now. The handmade in Bridport is really a craft fair, I havn't done any as the last one in July was the same date as the St Mary's one I do, todays I had to work and the next one is in November but I am at a Christmas one in Dorchester Corn exchange, but might do some next year - Julie

  5. The Vintage Market looks amazing. Like stepping back fifty years ( or more).

  6. I´m sure you could just get lost at that market for hours!

  7. Very nostalgic and love the photos of the church

  8. Market looks great! I would not be allowed to go in there alone haha, I'd come out with everything!

    Jan @Door251

  9. Hi Julie, thanks for the comments and the like on facebook, sorry I can't like in return my FB page is set up differently :(

    We travelled to England in Sep 2011 (My mum grew up in Reddish, Stockport and came to Australia when she was 11), and stopped at Crewkerne on the way to Lyme Regis. We accidentally drove up the tiniest lane EVER! we could not breathe until we got through the other side! I had the best coffee in Crewkerne (in all the parts we travelled in England), it was a little cafe up near the supermarket, across from the bakery?? The antique shop was really great there too.

    Wow, its really interesting about the filming of Broadchurch, we had intended to go to Bridport, but didn't make it. It seems the newspaper shop was actually there! I am enjoying it (I watch it online :).

    Nice to meet you, I have more posts to read through. Tamara