Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Finds

Wonderful vintage Christmas baubles from the Chairty Shop in Weymouth, no more than £1.50 the lot. 
Hope its a good start for I am a new blogger on the loose and with it being Christmas, although not allowed by hubby to put the tree up yet.  Soon will be though!   Now back to reality and a trip to the tip perhaps there might be Christmas deccys there going for a song.


  1. Hello New blogger on the loose Thanks for dropping into my little blog.Which has been sadly neglected lately.Let me know if/when you put a follow buttom on here and I will be your 1st follower.

  2. Ok got it am 2nd not 1st but I am here lol

  3. WOW lovely Baubles - charity shop in Weymouth! I don't go to Weymouth such terrible traffic!