Friday, 16 December 2011

Faded Lights

Well there will be no pics of the tree with the old photos on, because the darling little lights in the vase have drained the life and soul out of their friends the batteries, twice! so went into town to get some real batteries, instead of the cheaper ones used, can't get away with that sort on these little things, on the way to town called in at the lovely busy post office, what a joy, no festive cheer here, one lady asked for air mail stickers for her cards, haven't got any came the reply, won't have any for 10 days, what is the point of it all....Christmas.  Anyway leaving the post office behind wandered into the chairty shop, always a cheer-up place and found these lovely objects and a piece of christmassy fabric which has been draped around the bottom of the Christmas tree, might make a skirt for next year, but looks ok for now.

Did a bit of decorating the tree with the fabric draped!

Indulged in a few new decs from Poundbury Garden Centre

to go along with these old ones from years gone by

Hubby indulged in a bit of a walk with the mad dog and came back with this, not arranged of course, but lots of greenery and holly

Decided to have a bit of a bake after the traumas of the post office, found this recipe in Grandmas book, an old newspaper clipping (The Manchester Evening News dated 1972) for pastry.

and made this mincemeat tart

enjoyed with some lovely brandy butter which was purchased from the lovely ladies from the Womens Institute...   yummy

but after all that forget to get the batteries, oh well its only Christmas...


  1. Love your charity finds, they're great and make such a nice display by themselves. Might have to wander up to the Poundbury garden centre once we'vegot a tree - hopefully tomorrow!

  2. Loving your decorations, especially the little coffee pot!

  3. Some lovely finds and I love your owl!
    I like old decorations best but of course they are so fragile so best out of the way of tiny fingers, which in our house means very high up the tree X

  4. LOL! Sounds like something I'd do...all that running around and then forgot the batteries that started the whole trip! So glad you popped over to say hello and thank you for following my little part of Blogland.

    Have a Merry Christmas,

  5. Thank you for your comment on my blog.Iv joined yours and look forward to reading your old christmas decorations I have some that belonged to my Grandma very special to me.Love Jill xx