Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Thank You....Making...and Grandma

Its been a whole week since I have been blogging and would like to thank everyone that has left comments and followed me,  its really been appreciated and encouraging!

Trying to get ready for Christmas and make a few things for the house, and found these quirky old photos at http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/ so just printed and attached to card and added tinsel ribbon, a bit of glitter and hey presto photo ornaments

                                                                     Love the dogs!

Which were hung onto this

with a vase that was my Grandmas, so probably over 70 years old added some lights, the cones came with the vase, so there getting on a bit too

After all this  making and putting in the window, will post pictures tomorrow of it in place,  eccentric daughter kindly reminded me that I hadnt done one of Aunt Jane, and she was the whole reason we stated this blog!  so had to then make some more and a cute little bird which will probably go on the tree.  Hope Aunt Jane appreciates all this attention she is receiving, I'am sure she would be very flattered.

found some old Christmas postcards to display

and this is Grandma whose vase it was, she actually had it given to her as a Christmas present, filled to the brim with glace fruits, which Grandma loved, from a lady who she had made an evening dress for, Grandma was a dressmaker and very good she was, making anything, wedding dresses, posh frocks, evening dresses, coats, she had clients who would go to Kendal Milne in Manchester a large department store, see a dress they liked and ask Grandma if she could make it for them.  So off Grandma would trundle on the bus to Manchester, look at the dress, come home and make it, all stored inside her head. 

So thank you Grandma for the vase!


  1. what a lovely idea, I like aunt janes funky glitter scarf!

  2. Your little tree looks lovely, and Grandma was a very clever lady, my great Grandparents were tailors in Ealing, London, my Grandad could sew and knit beautifully :-)
    Sophie x

  3. I love old photos and what a brilliant way to show them off!

  4. This is such a fab idea! Would look lovely strung up along a hallway or along bannisters too. Thank you!