Thursday, 8 December 2011

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Last night daughter and I decided to take a walk into Bridport town to the Christmas Festival, hubby was going to come but decided at the last minute that he better stay home with the dog, because all those legs and feet wouldn't be good for him, the dog not hubby, real reason being there was footy on the telly.  So first stop was the lovely United Reformed Church, with its festival of trees, a lovely Nativity greeted us in the porch, so nice to see, as not many about these days!

Lots of Christmas trees lined the wall of the church, all beautifully decorated by charities, and associations of various kinds, lovely Christmas music playing, it makes you feel that there is still hope after all.

Next into the Arts Centre where there was a craft fair, lots of lovely things but very busy.

Food stalls galore, where we could have had lots of lovely food, but didnt, we did have candy floss though and took some roasted chestuts home for hubby

Lovely windows

and back home to this, grumpy dog Mr 'T' because daddy thought it might be too much for me, if I'd gone I could have seen Santa!

Earlier in the day hubby had made some caveman like contraption for cutting logs

being a caveman with helper

Logs cut by the caveman and helper

Mr 'T' looking rather cute

then the logs turned into this rather cosy fire

bye for now


  1. Hello Aunt Jane! Thankyou for joining us over at Hillside, I hope you will find something to interest you as we go along. I thought I'd come over and meet you and I see we are rather kindred spirits!
    I'm sure I will enjoy following your blog.

  2. I love your photographs! Your dog is such a handsome fellow! The festival of trees looks so lovely! Wish I were there to walk about town with you! Could we stop for some hot chocolate to wash down the cotton candy?!
    Have the merriest of merries...

  3. Hello there, lovely to see you over at An angel in the garden. Aren't all the lights so magical ..what a nice outing. Ooh I do love roasted chestnuts..& don't they smell so wonderful. I just spied your Singer find further down the page. I acquired one very similar quite recently too. I love it! Does yours have a knee thingy? Much love Catherine

  4. Hello, lovely blog. You live in a lovely part of the world. We holidayed in Dorset last year and loved beachcombing and actually found a couple of fossils. Big thumbs up from us both.

  5. I came across your blog tonight, glad I did. We are neighbours. I am a fellow Dorsetarian, in Poole originally from Bournemouth. I am now following your blog and must remember to visit Bridport the next time OH and I have a day off! Perhaps over the Christmas period might be a good idea.

  6. Oooh Bridport, my fave place. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Love your blog header by the way. M x