Sunday, 10 June 2012

Giddy Heights

Well peeps another 2 weeks past and havn't updated this bloomin blog, been busy making yet more cards and lavender bags, as craft fayre at St Marys on Saturday went extremely well and the lovely Suzanne from Lyme who is opening a shop in Lyme Regis had loads of stuff too, more of her shop I think nearer her opening time in July, it will be lovely and gorgeous by the sound of it...

Jubilee weekend took us round Bridport market and eccentric daughter and hubby took a trip up the tower of St Marys Church, I was too scared to go up as don't like heights and winding staircases, so I supervised the dog on the level ground below, quite a few others were doing the same!

Not good for me!

The white blob near the last tomb is me

I was told that the views were spectacular over Bridport Town

busy, busy market

pretty gardens

the sea at West Bay

all feet back firmly on the ground... town all red, white and blue

So will leave all you lovely people with Mr Jubilee Owl!



  1. Hi Julie,
    Bridport looks great with all the flags and bunting. Can you only go up the church tower on special occasions? The views from the top look amazing!
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, I think the tower is only open on special occasions, weve been here 2 years and its never been open before. Julie xxx

  2. Bridport looks so pretty in all its Jubilee finery.

  3. That jubilee owl looks a bit fierce!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. I love the look of the walled garden. I used to be a bell ringer and spent a lot of time up winding scary staircases and then one day I lost my nerve and now I, like you, am coat holder and dog watcher! Lily. xxx

  5. Lovely photos! Going up the tower looks exactly like when we went up St Johns last year. I wonder how long the towns will leave their jubilee decorations up, they make everywhere look so cheerful!

  6. Aww looks a fab trip away!
    Would have had to stay on safer grounds with you, am afraid as I don,t do them heights.......
    I hope folks keep up the bunting as we are hosting the Olmpics shortly...
    It's our year in Old blighty for celebrations!

  7. Hi Julie, thanks for your lovely comments! Always look forward to you reminiscing on my posts ... That owl looks horrified! Love Claire xxx

    1. Hi Claire, yes I think the owl didn't like being dressed up, it was snapped at a fish restaurant in West Bay! Julie xxx

  8. Hi Julie, have a look at my blog ... there's a surprise for you! xxx

  9. Hi Julie, looks like a great trip out. Mr. owl looks quite resplendent in his Jubilee colours if a little grumpy!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Carol xx