Thursday, 21 June 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

thats what I have been as have another craft fair on Saturday here...

Bridport Town Hall

so if your in Bridport on Saturday morning pop in and say hello, the fair is from 9.00  til 3.00

and will be selling lots of these (hopefully)

Tried to make some different cards garden parties and bunting, children and their pets and flower/gardening, flower pictures actually an old french seed packet, finished with raffia and nutscene garden twine which now comes in the most amazing colours which were devils to work with because of there age - bit like me really.

Hubby made me a little rustic box to display the flower cards in, will post pics next week of all the stall set up, when things have calmed down a bit.

Also had some dear friends down from Cumbria this week, so have been doing a bit of entertaining also.

So will leave you with this very short post, will try harder next week, promise, so its goodbye from me and

mad mad dog who dreams all day


  1. Your cards are beautiful Julie, hope you had fun with your friends in the north! Have a lovely evening, and enjoy the fair, Claire xxx

  2. Hope you have a fab day on Saturday. M x

  3. Hop hope you have lots of customers with open purses.
    Lovely mad dog photo.
    Carol xx

  4. I love your cards and hope you have a good craft fair on Saturday and enjoy your time with your friends.
    Patricia x

  5. Wishing you good weather and lots of customers for the weekend xx

  6. Hope you have a successful day tomorrow. I wish I could find time to come over tomorrow, but having just back off holiday there is too much to do at home! Hopefully next month.
    Sarah x

  7. Just come home after buying some bits and bobs from you in the town hall. Love the cotton reel bobbins the buckle and lace are on. Can I be cheeky and ask is that a die you use or do you sell just the plain ones. Wishing now that I had also brought a couple of your cards too, next time.

    (sorry for dismantling your display of the twine)
    C x