Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday Update

Saturday was a good day at the Craft Fair, firstly because I had some good sales and sold out of  lavender bags and a lady asked if she could sell some of my goodies in her shop, an order for a card, another asking why I wasn't being at Eype Makers Market and secondly Sarah came to visit me from the lovely blog  Down by the Sea, Sarah always has super photos on her blog and they make you feel you are really there in the picture, it was really good to meet her and her hubby and put a face to all the bloggy photos and thank you Sarah for purchasing some goodies and she also brought me some lovely plants, all my favourites, pressies like thank are always the best! my garden is now filling up....

Sarah's goody bag of plants

garden starting to fill up, hubbys sweet peas, these are only scratching the surface, we have loads and loads all over the garden, he didn't grow them from seed but bought tiny little plants and there were lots in each and every single one survived, not that I'am complaining they are lovely.
Daughters vintage take on a trowel

Sweet Williams, just coming into flower and waiting to be put in a vase in the window!

Next doors meadow, their lawn of unmown grass! does look rather pretty though from this angle

Also managed a trip to the car boot at West Bay, not much

Daughter did find these two lovely old books of birds and gardening

Just a quick look at the sea and home

and we've had 9 eggs from the girls over the weekend, so its goodbye from

Olga and me


  1. Well done for having such a successful day! Isn't,t the weather gorgeous? Your chucks have really settled in too, enjoy those eggs ... And your garden looks lovely too xx

  2. Love your photos. Looks like you had a good day. There's nothing like freshly laid eggs is there? xx

  3. Glad the craft fair was successful. Your garden is looking good. Well done Olga.
    Carol xx

  4. Good for you having sales and orders! Loving your garden and how nice to meet up with Sarah and have some pressies off her! x

  5. I'm glad you had such good sales - you deserve it after all the effort you have put in. Well done to the girls for giving some eggs! We were almost as excited by the final emergence of our radishes - yeh!! Only 3 months to grow (what on earth is wrong with everything in my garden I have no idea). lily. xxx

  6. I'm glad you had a successful day at the craft fair I'm not surprised your items were so lovely. One of my friends often has a stall at West Bay car boot sale, the books your daughter found look interesting.
    Sarah x

  7. So glad you did well at the craft fair although not surprised ... your cards and lavender bags look lovely in the previous post. Lovely flower photos. M x

  8. Great find on the vintage books! I love that shot of the sea.