Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Updates and Craft Fairs

Sorry havent been round, what seems like weeks, but getting over a bad case of the sickness bug, which hubby delightfully transferred to me!  so haven't been blogging much, anyway feeling a bit better now, but very tired and could literally fall alseep, not a bad thing hubby says, its kept me quiet.

So the henny girls have all settled in and making quite a name for themselves Tatianna (Bluebelle) we think laid her first egg on Monday, but it was very tiny and broken, but she seems to spend a bit of time in the nest box, I suppose they will get into the routine of laying eggs soon, hopefully.

Have been trying to get ready for the Craft and Gift Fayre at St Marys Church Hall, Bridport on Saturday 26th May 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Had to make quite a few as there is another fair on the 9th June so not leaving much time inbetween to stock up, heres a bit of what I  have been making

These cards were inspired by an old photo album I purchased here in Briport for a small sum, all the pictures were taken around West Bay and area in the 1920s, some even have the names on the back, so getting to know these people and how they spent there holidays!  I wanted to create a British seaside theme, so hope I've managed to capture that....

Jubilee inspired, didn't make many of these, just to get into the spirit!

Some Lavender bags and pincushions made with Liberty fabric and felt

So hope I can shift a bit of this on Saturday as hopefully want to do a different themed card every month, dont know it this will happen or not!

We did manage a trip to Bournemuth last week as eccentric daughter said she would like some new summer clothes, hubbys face was a picture when she arrived with a huge bag full, but soon settled down when she told him it was from Primark and 3 pairs of jeans were included!

Just show you this piccy of the mad dog with a spit face  having just enjoyed licking the McFlurry icecream carton from MacDondalds! 


  1. Oh I hope you are feeling better. I love your cards - I need to get sorted for our fair with some cards.
    Cute dog what is he called?
    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Thank you, doggy is called Taz he was already named when we got him as a 10 month old, so decided to keep it. Julie xxx

  2. love the cards, wish I lived closer I would come along.
    How is Taz getting along with the girls?
    Nicky : )

  3. Love all your things- cards are brilliant! I may even pop down to Bridport on Saturday! Good luck


  4. Lovely cards they are so pretty,hope you have a good time at the fair,if I was nearer to you I would pop along and see you.Hope you are feeling a lot better now take care love Jill xx

  5. Your stuff is lovely, you clever thing! Sorry you've been poorly, hope you're feeling better soon. Chickens will be laying like mad soon, don't worry! xxx

  6. love the rabid Taz LOL We have to hand over our empty pots and crisp bags too :-)

  7. Taz is so cute - I could give him a kiss (as long as he wiped his lips first, I think!). Your cards wre really pretty. Glad you are feeling a bit better and that your craft fair is productive. Lily. xxx

  8. Your cards look wonderful,I am planning to get over to Bridport on Saturday and come along!
    Hope the hens will soon be laying more eggs for you to enjoy.
    Sarah x

  9. I love your cards! Hope the fair is a big success.

  10. Hello, those cards are brilliant, really different. I bet they will sell really well.
    Enjoy the fair and good luck. X

  11. Hi..
    Love the cards too..
    Getting quite excited about all the jubilee celebrations really..
    wishing you a wonderful time at the craft fair!
    Maria x

  12. Glad your getting better, looks like you have been very busy.

  13. Glad you are feeling better.dh has had a bad cold and hacking cough, so far he has kept it to himself!
    Some great items for thr craft fair ,hope they do well I bet the cards will be particularly popular.
    Carol xx