Wednesday, 27 June 2012


The weekend saw me at the Town Hall in Bridport for a craft fair, over 10 stalls were said to be there, in fact there were 4 yes 4, I kept thinking somebody else will turn up surely but no nobody did, so all set up and ready to go, people slowly started to drift in and out again, set up time was 8 and opened at 9 which I think was slightly too early... anyway I didn't do to bad, made my money back on the table price, the most asked question of the day  was 'where is the toilet'.  But the Town Hall was lovely inside and had been done-up well and worth a look round when its open...

Beautiful Spirit of Bridport

desparately trying to get out into the outside world

it was a long day

So with that behind me I thought I would show you something that I have started to collect, strange things they are, but have now become quite obsessed in trying tyo find them, Friendship Hands...

 there are lots of variations of them and they come in alsorts of disguises from vases to brooches and postcards.  All the ones I have, have been found here in Bridport at the chairty shops and I havent paid more than a pound..

this was the first one

from the charity shop, on purchasing this, the assistant asked me what I intended to do with it, I replied I just liked it and would put it in my little display cupboard, assistant replied strange thing isn't it, I'am glad its gone, it rather scared me!

next was this little one, from the same chairty shop, same assistant, I wondered whether she would remember me, she did, oh she said they still scare me...

this one was from the market, its a vase a bit knocked, but it must have been the most lovely creamy white colour when it was first made

Last up is the latest addition, found last Sunday at the car boot at West Bay, not many there as a bit rainy, lots of rubbish in boxes, lots of horrid clothes that would have been better in the tip, but I heard a shout, eccentric daughter bellowing, theres a hand, a hand and there was a hand tucked right down at the bottom of the box under a disgusting nest of smelly old wool, I was brave and put my own hand in and pulled it out and it was this

taken in the car, my daughters hand holding the hand, were being engulfed with hands who will drag us away into the unknown, this one was 50p, I think the stallholder thought he had got two nutters here, but I am getting rather attached to these hands and will have to enlist hubby to build a special cabinet for the hands, so they can have their own space

so now on the lookout for more, did see a necklace today in a Weymouth jewellers, now I think its becoming an obsession, I'am looking at everything through hands!

Bye til next time

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

thats what I have been as have another craft fair on Saturday here...

Bridport Town Hall

so if your in Bridport on Saturday morning pop in and say hello, the fair is from 9.00  til 3.00

and will be selling lots of these (hopefully)

Tried to make some different cards garden parties and bunting, children and their pets and flower/gardening, flower pictures actually an old french seed packet, finished with raffia and nutscene garden twine which now comes in the most amazing colours which were devils to work with because of there age - bit like me really.

Hubby made me a little rustic box to display the flower cards in, will post pics next week of all the stall set up, when things have calmed down a bit.

Also had some dear friends down from Cumbria this week, so have been doing a bit of entertaining also.

So will leave you with this very short post, will try harder next week, promise, so its goodbye from me and

mad mad dog who dreams all day

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Giddy Heights

Well peeps another 2 weeks past and havn't updated this bloomin blog, been busy making yet more cards and lavender bags, as craft fayre at St Marys on Saturday went extremely well and the lovely Suzanne from Lyme who is opening a shop in Lyme Regis had loads of stuff too, more of her shop I think nearer her opening time in July, it will be lovely and gorgeous by the sound of it...

Jubilee weekend took us round Bridport market and eccentric daughter and hubby took a trip up the tower of St Marys Church, I was too scared to go up as don't like heights and winding staircases, so I supervised the dog on the level ground below, quite a few others were doing the same!

Not good for me!

The white blob near the last tomb is me

I was told that the views were spectacular over Bridport Town

busy, busy market

pretty gardens

the sea at West Bay

all feet back firmly on the ground... town all red, white and blue

So will leave all you lovely people with Mr Jubilee Owl!