Thursday, 11 October 2012

Lights, Camera, Action

Well, I bet you all thought I had been blown into blogger cyberspace, sorry its been so long since I have updated, and commented on all your lovely blogs, but been busy with other things, mainly to do with crafty things, getting things made for up and coming fairs, trying to think of new things, source new things and then make everything.

In my last post I showed you all a picture of Monkey and said I would tell you all his/her (don't know if its a girl or a boy) but I'am afraid Monkey will have to wait until next time as wanted to show you all these pictures of a new ITV series they have been filming down at West Bay where we live.  Eccentric daughter and I went to have a bit of a stalk (ooh should I be saying that word or not), anyway they have been filmnig before at the end of August but we didn't see anything, now they are back, having inside information as some have been staying at the guest house where I work.  They have taken over the car park near the old station full of trailer vans, canteen, I think there's more directors and makers than cast, anyway this is what we found on our stalking trip...

Lots of strange equipment

Do you know who this is

He's been in lots of things, but best known for his role as the last Doctor Who

yes, it is him, David Tennant

There was lots of standing around and waiting

He is starring with Olivia Colman, seen here

she was in Hot Fuzz and the Iron Lady and many other, too many to list here, also starring Pauline Quirke and Arthur Darvill, who played  Rory in Doctor Who, and who is apparently starring in a West End Show and is rushing down Thursday night to film Friday, what a busy life!

This pics for eccentric daughter, waving as she was taking a picture

But its always reasurring that everybody 

dunks their biscuits in their tea and

wipes their nose

I don't think he was too happy on the boat, it was very rough, perhaps feeling a little seasick

getting to know the sights of West Bay

Everybody was very friendly and didn't mind lots of people about and didn't keep you out of the filming bits

The series which is to be shown in the New Year and is called Broadchurch, is a Detective one about a small coastal town (West Bay) and turns the close-knit community into turmoil as a body is discovered on the beach.

They are back in November filming so I suppose a bit more stalking will be on the cards.

But it was all too much for the mad dog

totally bored


  1. WOW! how good is this bit of detective work Julie....
    Hope you keep us up to date, nothing nearly as interesting happens around here..hehe!
    Good to here from you too!
    LoVe Mariax
    Will be watching out for the screening of this!****

  2. How exciting! I remember watching Harbour Lights because it was filmed at West Bay.
    I hope you don't mind I've just 'tagged' you on my blog. If you don't want to play don't worry, it's the first time I've bothered to get round to it.

  3. How exciting. I like David Tennant, always thought he was nice to look at! hehe. Keep us updated. Love Katie xx

  4. Hi, this made me giggle - especially when they waved. I only just discovered that David Tennant got married to Peter Davison's daughter - which also made me giggle. I like him, he's kinda odd but nice.
    Sam x

  5. I have been working nights this week at HH and keep seeing West Bay lit up until midnight. One of the residents was really excited as she has a lot to do with St John's church and they were filming in there on Tuesday night. Haven't done any stalking as shattered after work and rushing to get to work in the evening. Hope it is better then Harbour Lights.

  6. How exciting and I love your photos too! We will look forward to watching it. I wonder if it will turn into a series?
    Sarah x

  7. Oooooh.........what fun!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  8. I like Hot Fuzz, it was filmed in Wells, a few miles from here. It's fun to pick out the locations we know.
    My mate Lesley would have been swooning, she loved David Tennant!

  9. Interesting - must look out for that when it comes on!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. How fab! Great photos - love the tea dunking one!

  11. How exciting - and what good photos! I look forward to the series too. I love a good bit of murder and mayhem. Lily. xxx

  12. Hi, I just found your blog. Ooh, and I was interested to read this post, I have just started watching the series and had to google to see where it was filmed. I am going to add your link to my blog side so I can follow along with you. Tamara