Thursday, 6 September 2012


Help came by means of eccentric daughter, but now have to do it on Google Chrome, so I can get pictures to upload... yeah .... so here are pictures of the journals, the next lot I make I will take pictures of the inside because I've decorated inside too.  Waiting for new supplies, I got the first lot from my local art/craft shop here in Bridport, but they havn't had any more and don't know when the next lot will be coming, so have had to go further afield via the internet, so hopefully they'll be here on Monday.

On looking at this picture now it dosn't really show you much so perhaps will redo this when made some more.

So moving quickly on from this picture, which all the fuss was about in the first place, last Tuesday had a day out, really to go to Otter Nurseries, hubby wanted a plant, cone flower, Echinea but in a different colour the usual pink or white he wanted orange or dark red or lime, felt sure they would have one there, but didn't, he was disappointed but an ice cream in Sidmouth made up for it.  I did get some lovely creamy hyacinth bulbs to grow though.

Before Otters we called in Honiton we always drive through on the way to Otters but never stop, Tuesday was market day, so quite busy not much on the market, but some lovely little shops and I must say a fantastic W H Smiths for different magazines on the sewing/crafty front, plenty of chairty shops to browse, eccentric daughter bought this lampshade for her room, she had been looking for ages for one like this, it is pink which isn't really her colour, but liked the shape and it is lined as well,  so was purchased for a small amount and came home to have a wash in the sink and hung on the line to blow in the breeze....

and now looks like new

Sidmouth was as lovely as ever, nice to have a walk round and a walk along the front and finished with the biggest ice cream ever also called in Seaton to the new Tesco there, it is a Green/Eco store for a bit of shopping, so a long day but a lovely one.

Just going to show you this picture

This is Monkey.  Monkey is very old and will be featuring in a later post!



  1. Your journals look so lovely and hope you will have some next time I get over to visit your stall! We went recently to Otters Nursery, we hadn't been there for years. We had forgotten how much choice it had and we found the plant we have been looking out for months! Sorry you didn't have as much luck.
    Sarah x

  2. We too love Otters Nursery and the vintage / charity shops in Honiton! Not been to Sidmouth for years - a trip may therefore may be overdue!
    Love the journals!

  3. Lovely journals - funnily enough I've been making some for gifts and was going to put some on our stall too.

  4. love the journals I bet you can't make them quick enough
    : )

  5. I do like your journals. I tried to revamp the look of my blog so removed the header photo so that I could put a different one and now Blogger tells me I've ran out of photo memory and that I can purchase more! I can upload photos on my blog but it won't let me put a picture at the top! So annoying.
    Patricia x

  6. I am sure your journals are very popular.look forward to monkey tales.
    Blogger often drives me mad. I can' t do a post on my Ipad, need to use 'big' computer.
    Carol xx

  7. Hiya
    I have tagged you in my latest blog post. No pressure to take part but I thought it might be fun
    : )

  8. Your journals do look lovely. I`m sure they will sell well before Christmas.

    We had a short holiday in Sidmouth a few years ago and we loved the coast and villages nearby.