Friday, 23 March 2012


Just a quick update on the garden, which has gone well with the paving, hubby has done well, being fuelled of course with endless cups of tea and eccentric daughter filling the buckets up with sand and stone, anything to keep him sweet and going in the right direction, now he wants to build a pond, but did point out that some feathered friends want to come and stay, and that they desparately need a little house to stay in, so he agreed that hen house would be next (phew, thought we would have to wait another few months for them, but I think the time is getting nearer for them arriving!

Paving layed across the garden and steps going up...

These last two steps now paved, but too slow to take a pic!

So this side looking better, but this side looking like a builders yard!

Lungwort trying desparately to get planted, found this at the health shop, so bought 3 for a pound, just right to fill up nooks and crannies, had seen it at the WI plant sale for 2 pound each, a bargain I think.

Little Miss Fairy waking up from her winter sleep in the lavender, ready for spring

and of course good old Mr 'T' having a jolly good time (on some plastic, that covered the paving up while drying) playing with his 'dolly'

Tomorrow I celebrate my birthday, so who nows what treats will be waiting for me, hopefully!

Bye for now


  1. Have a lovely birthday. Those plants were a major bargain, weren't they? Very smart paving. When do you get your hens and what variety? Have a great weekend - think the weather is going to be good.
    Katie x

  2. Looks like fantastic progress! Keep us posted.

  3. Happy Birthday, hope you have a lovely day xx

  4. Have a lovely birthday. I have been blitzing the garden too resulting in me not being able to move today!! Hopefully I'll be loosened up for a full weekend at it. I really want some hens but I have to wait til we move. I look forward to pictures of yours instead. Lily. xxx

  5. That's really bizarre, the Mr & I were eating our lunch outside today and were talking about how we were going to update the concrete steps in the front garden that are gradually crumbling. He suggested paving and brick but I couldn't see it working, that is until I saw yours. They're really lovely - will show the Mr when he gets home - thanks for that & Happy Birthday for tomorrow! x

  6. Happy birthday hope you get lots of nice prezzies,your garden is coming on a treat.Love Jill xx

  7. garden path looking great. Can't wait to see pics when it's finished.
    Hoping to get in our garden on Sunday, just watching gardeners world now which always makes me want to get out there!
    Have a great birthday and weekend
    Nicky : )

  8. P.S
    Mr. T is gorgeous, give him a little belly rub from me! x

  9. throw it, throw the ball, Mum, go-on, throw it, go on....

  10. Happy Birthday day to yoooooooouuuuuuuuu! Hope you received some lovely surprises.
    The path is looking great, the hard work will be worth it, tea is mandatory here too. Those plants were a real bargain, I find you have to keep them pretty well watered or they sulk!
    Mr. T. is a real cutie. Look forward to seeing your hens when they join your family.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and kind comment, hope you found a stone to cover!
    Carol xx

  11. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Your garden is progressing well, hope it won't be too long before you get your hens.
    Sarah x

  12. Isn't it great when things start to get done, the lungwort in my garden has just started to flower its a lovely colour. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday.
    Cate x

  13. Hi Julie....Thank you for your kind comments....Passed through Grange on Saturday on the train,it looked soo pretty with the park and all...Hope your birthday was lovely and spent doing all that makes your heart smile!!!

  14. Hi hope you have a lovely birthday. The garden is looking great.