Friday, 2 March 2012

Day Tripping

Today saw us going on a little day trip to...

Sidmouth, a lovely genteel town on the East Devon Coast, with lovely red cliffs and  Regency buildings, it takes you back to days gone by, and lies at the mouth of the River Sid.
I first went to Sidmouth when I was about 15/16, we had gone to visit my Aunty J and Uncle H who lived in Taunton, Uncle H was my Grandmas brother, so Grandma and Grandad came too.  We went to Sidmouth on a coach trip, all of us and we sat on the prom eating sandwiches even taking deckchairs with us! 
So it holds a special place of memories as sadly non of these lovely people are with us anymore.

Lots of shops theres something for everyone...

Vintage Style

This shop has been open about 2 years, but her lovely shop is spoilt by all the scarves hung outside across the window stopping you seeing the lovely things in the window, surely there must be a better place to display scarves!

Like pretty teasets and lace cloths

Also copycats of Cath Kidston bags

Pretty bedding, even if there is SALE signs enhancing the window!


Libra Court

Pretty Church gateway

No day trip out would be complete without a rummage in a charity shop would it, one or two in Sidmouth, nothing special except for the Cats Protection, where these lovelys popped up...

Pretty Doors

Interesting meat selection
We had a pasty from here for lunch, but forgot to take a pic as that desparate to eat it, and it was delicious.  We had it in here...

Miss Marples shelter, Agatha Christie's, Sleeping Murder filmed in Sidmouth, with the lovely Joan Hickson playing Miss Marple.

Misty beach

Anyone fancy a dip!  What a brave trio.

Posh hotels, wonder how many people have revolved around these doors

and of course ever hopeful, waiting for a bit of pasty!

Hope you enjoyed the day trip to Sidmouth, we certainly did, we also called at the Donkey Sanctury, but our furry friends will have to wait until next time.



  1. Lovely doors both the stained glass and the revolving one!
    Looks like a lovely day out.

  2. (stamping of feet) I want to go to sidmouth.
    I like all the haberdashery cards bestest. X

    1. Good arn't they, makes you want to start darning your hoisery again dosn't it!. Julie x

  3. You have just bought back memories for me! We used to live on the estate near Waitrose - that wasn't there when we were there! We lived in Sidmouth between 1986 to 1990. In the pretty church gate I met Joan Hickson. In the street that runs up to the church is a toy shop called Gliddons, the brother who owns the other Gliddons shop is near where I live now........and I live forty-five minutes from Taunton which is where I'm off to now to the Vintage Rag at Trull.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. lovely! I have never been to Sidmouth but it looks very pretty. give me a small interesting town over a city bulging with chain-stores any day of the week!

  5. Looks like a really good place for a rummage. Would love to explore the south coast more - its on the "to do" list!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Great tour of Sidmouth. And I love your dog!

  7. Sidmouth is fab, been there several times but totally missed the vintage shop!

  8. I loved your pictures we liked Sidmouth but haven't been there for a while. It made me feel cold seeing those brave souls swimming!

  9. I have enjoyed seeing the photos of your visit.I agree about the vintage shop, the scarves definitely spoil the look of the windows!

  10. Hi thanks for following my blog, looking forward to getting to know you.

  11. Looks like you had a fun day! I love the doggie, what's it's name? :)

  12. I love the donkey sanctuary - can't wait to see your pictures. I am planning on taking Little Son there this year

  13. Love your cute! Also loved "window shopping " with you! The bedding looked pretty and I love Cath Kidston...she must be doing well if they are copying her stuff. :)

  14. looks like a great place to visit...those shops look very inviting.
    NO the dip!
    love jooles x