Sunday, 1 January 2012

Moody Greys, Crocheted Blankets...and Curry

Happy New Year to all you lovely people

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year, we were very quiet, but very enjoyable with all the festive food and drink, today though were having curry instead of the usual roast a bit of a change for all of us, but all thought we needed to get out of a rut with the usual food, so were going for it.

Last Wednesday saw a trip to Weymouth and Portland, really to Weymouth to look for my Great Grandad x4 gravestone, which we found in Melcombe Regis Cemetery, still standing  proud after all these years, he died in 1879 at the ripe old age of 78 not bad for those days I suppose, but my Great Grandma x4 lived to the age of 90 and is buried with him, he originally live in Bridport but moved to Weymouth for work in 1860, all the words on the stone still visable, so felt glad that we had been and he'd been found.

So that led to a rather moody grey and blustery walk round Portland Bill, you could hardly stand up, the sea was swaying with the swell, lots of white horses and foam, the mad mad dog hated it, so much he wouldnt even have his piccy taken! he'd already got wet in the cemetery earlier, so wasn't in the best of moods (he hates the wind and rain).

Moody Lighthouse

Moody swaying sea
Splashy sea
standing proud lighthouse

All the moody greys and whites inspired me to start yet another crochet blanket, with grey and white and grey sparkle, which dosn't really show up on the photo

So this one will be called Portland Bill, might put a mad flash of colour near the end

three blankets on the go, I love the start of a crochet blanket, when you can go whizzing round and round, then gets slower and slower.
This one inspired by the garden in the late summer
the green edged one is finished and sits proudly on daughters bed!

No more ramblings for now or else the samosas won't be made to go with the curry!


  1. How wonderful you found the gravestone.Some of my ancestors didnt have gravestones presumably because they didnt have the money which is really sad. You can often glean information from them too.
    I love walking by the seaside when its cold and blowy, makes you feel good inside X

  2. OOh I thought you were going to get a takeaway! A home cooked curry and samosas sound gorgeous :-P

    Loving the blankets, they are so homey.

  3. Happy New Year! I love that you can't stand up straight at Portland Bill, at least not whenever I've been there. Thank you for the comments on my blog too. I have tried to respond but your settings won't allow me, so I thought I'd do it this way.

  4. Good luck with your new blog and Happy New Year!

    I found you via Sarah Weston`s blog. She`s an old friend and has helped me with wayward New Forest ponies for many years. I then see that you have found Kath and "Mum" too. Blogging is a small world stretching out across a much wider one!

    We are in the New Forest and love your part of the world. Looking forward to more posts and great photographs.

    Best wishes, DW

  5. Just found your blog thanks to you following me - thank you! Your walk looks like a great way to blow the Christmas cobwebs away! I am very envious of your ability to track down ancestral graves - I dabble in family history from time to time, but most of my family originated up north and I never manage to get round to it!

  6. I love the photographs of the wild sea! Stunning! Your handiwork looks great! My twin and I deliver quilts (thousands by now) to needy children in our area. Unfortunately we have no talent at such domestic arts, and merely coordinate the distribution of other's work!! Wish you had been here to share in the celebration on Christmas Eve! We definitely made merry!

  7. Super blog - I love the moody blue-greys of your photos and crochet. Will be following your adventures this year - hope you can pop by mine, sometime. Carolyn xxx