Monday, 16 January 2012

Birthday Blues

Last week was lovely hubby's and eccentric daughters birthdays, hubby on the 10th and daughters on the 11th, good days were had by both, hubby playing all day with some grinding machine, a birthday present!  Daughter had lots of books some weird mystery ones from America. So we thought we might have a little treat of coffee and hot chocolate at The Hive Beach Cafe at Burton Bradstock but they were...

Boo Hoo

Anyway decided that we would have a bit of a mooch round seeing it was a lovely day

Good times were had by all, looks like we'll have to take another trip for coffee and hot chocoate!

Bye until next time


  1. That took me back! Our family went on a camping holiday at Burton Bradstock when I was 15 (100's of years ago LOL). There was a fairground there and my friend and myself had a crush on some scruffy looking chap working the rides. Our taste has improved since then LOL
    Shame about the restrictions on beaches, some lazy dog owners spoil it for others by not clearing up their doo-doos. Our beach at berrow is dog friendly all year round thankfully.
    Hope you get your hot choc :-D

  2. Lovely photos! I've just spent a second day on Charmouth beach - glorious today but freezing yesterday!

  3. I love Burton Bradstock it's kinda wild, we used to take Violet our VW years ago, and camp,....lot's of happy memories..she's off the road at the moment but hopefully will have enough pennies in the pot soon to restore her. Lovely pics xx

  4. Beautiful photos of your Jurassic Coast beaches!

  5. What a beautiful place you live in, it takes my breath away! And thank you for visiting my blog where YOU are always welcome!

  6. What lovely photos taken on such a beautiful day.Love Jill xx