Friday, 16 November 2012


Weeks wizing by totally ignoring this blog, been busy busy busy, lots of Christmas Fairs and craft, I think the first week in December I have 6 all in a row, so might be lying low for a while.  Its so hard to know what will sell and how many things to make, my friend from Cumbria Jo, asked me today what my bestseller will be this Christmas, how do you know that, I just don't know, some things sell out some weeks and then the other weeks something sells better.  Anyway amongst all the madness my sister-in-law and husband are coming to see us, which will be lovely as we havn't seen them for 2 years, so looking forward to that.

Still havn't done the post about monkey, I think monkey will have to wait until everything has died down, in fact monkey is sat here next to me, looking rather smart in a fine needlecord pinafore dress and a cute little brooch, which is actually a clip-on earring, which eccentric daughter adorned on to her.  She is sat on the dogs chair, who isn't too pleased with her!

Here is monkey in her earlier days and me on holiday in Bourenmouth ....

and here is monkey last month in Bournemouth

in the needlecord dress.

Anyway will be here tomorrow

Hope to see you all in blogland soon.


  1. We have our massive carnival here tomorrow night, the family are coming, a new bed was delivered which wouldn't fit up the twisty stairs, so I know what you mean by chaotic!

    Enjoy the fair, I hope you sell lots of goodies.

  2. Have a great weekend Jule, very busy time for us vintage fair people! Hoe you do very well

    Love Claire xx

  3. Its a good job we all don't throw things away from our childhood or else we wouldn't be able to share such lovely memories.
    Lovely to see monkey back in favour again. He looks so well loved.
    Love your blog. Maybe you could look at mine sometime.....xx

  4. Glad I saw this post as I didn't know about the fair. Will pop in when I'm in town!
    See you tomorrow hopefully.