Sunday, 15 April 2012

Crafty Tales

Sorry for no updates again feels like ages since I 've been here but....  last month I visited the Gift and Craft Fayre at St Marys Church Hall here in Bridport to have a bit of a nose, as I make cards and trying to break into the craft scene, so asked the lovely lady there, Monica if she had any spaces, she said not for next month April, but will put your name down for next available space, so had a look round, had a cup of tea and cake and went on my way, not thinking anymore about it until a week last Sunday, when I had an email from Monica, I have a table for your at the Craft Fayre! as much as I wanted to do it I hadnt got enough things to sell, but said yes I will come with pleasure, thinking OMG what have I done,  so beavered away making cards and bits for the Fayre and yesterday Saturday did my first Craft Fayre, not as nerve racking as I had thought and had a good time and sold quite a few, enough to have to make more to replensish stock, as I have signed up for the next 7 months! can you believe it! I can't....

So here are a few pics, sorry non of the hall as eccentric daughter took these and she has a different approach at taking pics, so I just let her get on with it

excuse the lovely Lidl bag in the ackground!

So everything was done in a bit of a rush, but hopefully it looked ok, had very positive feedback from people, one woman said you should approach Waitrose, dont think Iam quite ready for global selling yet! and did get condemed for using 1940's buttons on cards instead of 1940's clothes! ... fiddlesticks...
should have realised that... cant please everybody!  It did go a bit quite in the afternoon but it was cold and the Grand National.

Update on the chicks, the run is now up and enclosed, still waiting for the house though, hopefully soon!

See you all soon


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Ooh I bet you were nervous, I would have been! Well done though. I've been thinking of a stall to sell my things because I think people are more inclined to buy if they can see things 'in the flesh'. I've just opened an Etsy shop and going to see how that goes first xxx

  3. Your table looked really great and laid out in such a lovely way. Wish I'd been there.

  4. Well done having the courage to do a craft fair! Hope you sell lots over the next few months.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. So glad your first venture into the world of fairs was a success. I'm having a stall at St Mary's Hall this Saturday for the Vintage Fair. If you're there do introduce yourself!

  6. Well done you!......Its soo lovely creating something individual.....your cards look splendid xxxx

  7. Looks very lovely, well done. I remember first time I did a vintage fair was very nervous but you soon feel at home, as people who love vintage are so lovely! Your cards are gorgeous, and again wish you still lived on the bay! Xx

  8. Well done - you are very brave. There is nothing so scarey as 'the public'!!

  9. Well done the stall looks lovely! I think that its up to you what you use 1940s buttons for myself!

    Liz xx

  10. Such a pretty stall, well done on getting it so well stocked! x

  11. Your stall looks lovely . I'm so glad it was a success. If you are able to tell us when your next one is and I am free , I will try and get over to Bridport and say hello.

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  12. I love what you've been making, the stall looks fab, good luck with the craft fayres.